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Mission Statement
To communicate the value and importance of correct Total Image Consulting providing access to the very best resources, training, education, and professional development. Enhance the professionalism and credibility of Total Image Consulting. Identify the difference between being “fashionable” versus “in fashion”. Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among members and empower members to use their skills and knowledge to operate successful businesses.

Everyone listed on the WAIC website is a graduate of Impression Strategies Institute and is trained in Color Analytics ™ color system which is the cornerstone of Sandy Dumont’s Never Fail Image System ™ which is designed to provide you with the latest information about the science of color analysis and the powerful effect it has upon your appearance and the persona you project.

Vision and Objectives

  • To provide reliable and accurate information that has been proven by tried and tested techniques for over thirty years.
  • To provide exposure, support, motivation, inspiration, and a high level of education to Total Image Consultants
  • To raise the level of professionalism.
  • To increase and enhance the recognition of Total Image Consultants

Code of Ethics
WAIC will only have members who have demonstrated superiority in their field and who have a proven track record with the necessary qualifications and expertise to be a Total Image Consultant. Members will represent WAIC with the highest professionalism and integrity in their work and all advertisement and communication bearing the WAIC logo.

Benefits to Members

  • World class training by a 30-year veteran of the image business who offers scientifically based education in image, color, color psychology, and impression strategies.
  • Total Image Training in Color Analytics ™ a Never-Fail Image System ™
  • Listing your business contact information, website, and bio for publicity
  • Use of the WAIC logo on your website, adding credibility to your website
  • Use of the credentials C.T.I.C. (Certified Total Image Consultant) after your name
  • Templates for website and newsletters
  • Access to training videos 24 hours a day as often as you like
  • Access to special reports, downloads, and other valuable resources to help you build your business
  • Access to weekend retreats for "next level" training
  • Special discounts on professional materials
  • Special discounts on “refresher” courses
  • Members can buy products (*) at wholesale prices for re-sale to clients

(*)STAY  TUNED: upcoming products include: ties for men, makeup line, power accessories for women, and more...